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boom de yada
wow, I really didn't realize how long it had been since my last entry, in fact this entire site just sort of skipped my mind until a few old friends brought it up. <3

So, where to start?

Guess the main thing is Brooks, the guy I've been seeing since last December. Things started off at a breakneck speed and we were talking about moving in together and joking about marriage before we even knew it. That part cooled down a bit over time, and we eventually came to our senses about living together so quickly, but we were still silly enough to adopt two kittens together back in June. Those two runts are slowly becoming my favorite things in the world, Angel with her weird obsession with feet, and Brownie, with his love of farting on people (trust me, kitten farts are the worst too)... they are amazing. But sadly, over the months that have followed that stunning piece of our relationship, we have hit a huge rocky area. Brooks and I have been fighting on and off for nearly 2 months now, and it's all culminated into me not even knowing if we are still even truly together since he's told me he needs time to "figure things out" weeks ago, and still no word. But anyways, the only other thing that needs to said in that matter is that I love him quite a deal and even if things do fall through, I am so incredibly grateful for everything that he has shown me and the irreplaceable memories we made together.

In other news, I recently got a full time job as an aide for a 6yr old with Autism and Landau Kleffner Syndrome. It's really hard to keep him in check and for whatever reason the kids at his daycare love to crawl all over me, but so far I love it. The only issue so far is that his parents are incredibly over protective, but that's not too surprising considering he's an only child with disabilities.

The last real big bit of news is probably on Richmond, where my bestfriend, Jenn is finally moving to in a few weeks, and she is going to be my roommate. I'm so excited that we'll finally be able to hang out without me having to drive 2 hours, or her taking a fucking train.
Also, my brother is super excited because she's a culinary kid and Brooks is super excited because he seems to think he can maybe get a threesome :p

From now on I guess I will try to update a bit more often and certainly try to keep up with other journals better, but for now, I am off to yet another random party.


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