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goodnight sweet prince
gonna keep this short as hell since the guys are setting up a movie and I'm cooking dinner, so here goes.

Katsu: amazing! My date with Jenn was ruined though, but she seems alright now, a certain ex's ex also had a very long and interesting talk with me. Was not expecting that to happen.

IIDX party: fucking epic! Matt finally came to visit and Brendon showed up with his gf too. There were 4 bottles of Everclear, all of which was drank by the end of the night.... and Brooks fucking rocked as the DJ for the night.

Kittens: they had to go back to the SPCA because 2 of them wern't eating enough, but that's alright cause I'm supposed to be fostering another litter in a few weeks. It was also great because the day I got the kittens was also apparently my 1yr anniversry of starting at SPCA

FIRST: last weekend was the regional kickoff in DC and I got to be a safety advisor, which ended up being incredibly fun and tiring. Wetzel surprised us by showing up from London for it and I got hit on repeatedly by some highschoolers. It's always great when pickup lines include "So, I'm about to graduate..."

P.S. I wish I could stop smiling, but I just can't help it with people like you by my side.


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