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portal - lies
These past few weeks have been utterly fantastic and fast paced, I mean it literally took me a few minutes the other day to even realize that January was over already.

I spent all of last week up North for once, where I got to see a couple of my MD boys and spend tons of time with Jenn, which inevitably got me in trouble in a number of ways, but that's ok.
Saturday I went to see Gus for his bday and was somehow talked into making dinner for him, Matt and Corey, which ended up being adorable because Matt kept pretending that Gus and Corey were our kids and we were preparing dinner for them. He is just too damn cute for his own good <3
The night ended with Gus falling asleep in my lap and then Matt falling asleep in bed beside me, which was once again just adorable, but then my mommy ruined it by freaking out and having me drive home at 5am because it was about to snow. I love her, but god is she fucking paranoid when it comes to snow!

The majority of the rest of my week was spent switching between Jenn time and family time. The kittens just got fixed on the 20th so my parents had me checking on how they were healing and Rainy was just overcome with joy that she had someone to sleep with again. I swear Rainy is the hardest part about going back to Richmond, she always has this heartbreaking look on her face when she realizes that I'm packing to leave again... she actually even managed to get me to tear up this time.
On Wed Jenn and I met up to check out a new tattoo parlor that had just opened near her job, just to get an estimate and get a feel for the place. Well, instead we ended up getting fucking awesome tattoos for pretty cheap and met some amazing people. Not to mention that Jenn discovered that her tattoo artist's gf went to her HS and mine had gone to VCU, just more proof that it really is a small fucking world. The procedure only lasted about an hr and it really didn't hurt much at all, Jenn and I were even joking around with the guys in the shop and she was on facebook messaging people. It is almost completely healed up now though, and it looks absolutely great. I love it! The only thing that sucked is that since I didn't tell my family, I had to keep hiding it, which is really not easy when you have 3 kittens jumping all over you and your mother seems to always manage to walk in on you while your dressing.
On Thursday, some of Jenn's old Orange friends came up and we hit the Natural History Museum. None of us had been there since we were really little, so it was incredible to run around and re-explore all the exhibits and giggle over all the immature little jokes that can be found there. The best parts were definitely the orchid's through Darwin's eyes exhibit, which is just a huge room filled with tons of different breeds of orchids, and the butterfly exhibit, where you literally get to walk through a room filled with butterflies flying all around you. Just breathtaking.

After the museum kicked us out because it was closing time, we went to Dave & Busters, which started out fantastic.... ET was there, he gave us all hugs, free drinks and loved our tats. But then, like always, he decided to give me heavily mixed drinks and got me utterly shitfaced. I mean, it was bad. For the first time (that I know of) I actually blacked out. I mean, I literally don't remember anything clearly after ET gave me and Jenn this one car bomb... it's just a big blur. I was apparently conscious enough to give everyone accurate directions home though, but not good enough to write my own name on my tab, which still astounds me Jenn also claims my whole tab came out to only $15, which is why ET is both the best and worst bartender ever.
All I know is that there was lots of me apologizing and when I woke up there was a big lump on my head, which no one can explain.

Saturday I came back to Richmond, and since then it's pretty much just been the usual bit of spending nearly every moment with Brooks, Dan, Paul and FroD. These guys are amazing, and it always feels weird whenever I don't see any of them for more then 12hrs straight while I'm down here. Dan has even started to, rather bluntly, joke that I should just move in with them already, and Paul gets sad and questions me whenever I leave. Brooks is the worst though. Whenever I go home he's just constantly asking when I'm going to come back and saying that life just isn't as sweet without me there. I swear, everything that comes out of his mouth is always cute and/or hilarious.

Anyways, I just realized that it is 7am and I am somehow still fucking awake, and it's probably a good idea to try and change that now...

P.S. I wonder if this entry even makes any sense. It's hard to tell since I'm a bit to tired to even really think straight, so this should be fun to read later when I've had some sleep.

P.P.S. Is this real life? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=txqiwrbYGrs

fyi, this is only friends only cause I know my mom is sneaky and I don't want her finding out about my tattoo before I tell her.

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The entry makes perfect sense. Nice to hear from you, and glad to know I'm not the only one impressed at January's stealthy departure. :)

for serious! where is this year going?

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