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c'est la vie
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Spent most of my morning talking with professors about my grade status since I was really worried that the hospital visit had ruined my chances at getting pretty decent grades in 3 of my 5 classes (that day I missed 2 presentations, and a test, then the next day I had a test while still doped up). My teachers gave me the pleasant surprise of saying that they see no reason for me to not finish my semester with B's (or C's in the worst case scenario) if I just study pretty hard for the finals and keep up for the next few weeks. That really helped relieve a lot of stress that I've been feeling the past few weeks... because all of my classes this semester require at least a C to pass them and I want to graduate, dammit!

Sort of sucks that my entire Thanksgiving break is going to consist of doing homework and extra credit to ensure that none of my grades slip but, that's life.

P.S. I am so friggin excited about this interview tomorrow!

P.P.S. Matt, you better call me. Or I will be sad.

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I will call you after I get out of work. Phones have been acting funny here lately.

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