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Another day, another night of trying not to sleep. Because every time that I allow myself to dream, they always become nightmares with him as the main villain.
Last night he helped someone rape me, the night before that, he beat me and left me for dead. Every night, a new horrible fate. It's been over a week since these started, and instead of running out of ideas, he seems to actually be becoming more imaginative in ways to make my dreams hell.

P.S. 5 x 0 still equals 0, no matter how you look at it.

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goodnight sweet prince
This past week has been amazing and confusing, uplifting and crushing.

For starters, last Tuesday my professor helped prove that rejection does indeed temporarily affect your IQ... because I got a 61 on the test I took the day after Mark dumped me, even though I've been doing great in the class otherwise. There goes the Dean’s List.
Then Thursday morning my car broke so I had to call AAA, and the mechanic that came to fix my car ended up asking me out. He's nice, but I'm certainly not looking for anything right now, but it is nice to have a new friend. The Roanoke guys came up for a concert that night too and next thing I knew I was moshing and swing dancing to some of the best music to come to Richmond in ages, it was insane, uplifting, and incredibly invigorating. It also left me tired, covered in spilled alcohol and longing to dance more. But unfortunately instead it was time to go home, play games and drink lots, which just helped me calm down a little, but did not get rid of my surge of energy.

Friday: bars with Kat and Kriston, as well as Rocky Horror and a night of weird ass movies with my girls. We also saw a falcon on campus kill and fly away with a squirrel. Amazing. <3

Saturday: Colin came down from B-more, we hit a huge ass kegger costume party that ended up having over 200 people show up and I did not stop drinking until 3am when Colin finally dragged me away from a bedroom where me and some people ended up in drinking Absinthe. They had run out of liquor downstairs, so I drunkenly went upstairs with the guys that live there and just drank their private stock with them. All I remember from up there is that some guy just walked in said "who wants to fuck?" and I responded "Link does!" then he cringed and left. I spent the rest of the night harassing the guy dressed as Link about how he wasn't good enough for the drunken man to have sex with. He seemed genuinely upset about this.
We left shortly after someone outside decided to start shooting and Colin got sleepy.

Sunday: Colin and I hit up Belle then spent three hours driving around Richmond and discovering new and amazing places that I did not even know existed. We also accidentally interrupted a police drug bust while looking at a closed down school, but I can honestly say that that’s the most people I have ever seen in handcuffs at one time.

I’m not going to get into the crushing stuff, because enough people already know about them by now, and I don’t feel like thinking about it too much since I am in class right now.

P.S. If you cut out my tongue, I'll split your dick. But it's ok, because then you can get out of any ticket for the rest of your life.

P.P.S. Who knew that Mt. Zion was in Richmond overlooking a ghetto?

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feeling lonely
back from AUSA, back to school.
The con was amazing, till sunday.
When we woke up that morning, Mark broke up with me.

P.S. I know it's incredibly stupid, but it hurt to have to change my status on facebook.

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portal - lies
Incredibly Weird Dream:
I went to a party and Mark just left me there without a word, so these other guys cheered me up and I ended up leaving with this really sweet fat guy who wore green suits.

There was a strange blackness slowly taking over the planet.
Stuff that looked like sea foam was corrosive and destroying everything it touched
I traveled home to find that my city was dark, windy and somehow turning sideways.... there were cosplayers there too.

The river current sucked my friend under, so we tried to use hard drives to get the river to let him go, instead, we got a boat. The same boat that had been tattooed on my friends arm.

Everything was just a game. There were constant scenes of me, a small smart kid and the fat guy from the party playing various board games.You needed to land on the green guy (can't remember his name) to stay up on the board. If you landed on anyone else, you fell to your doom. But usually the green guy would save you and put you on a table away from your friends and all I remember from there was that it was terrifying at that table.

While traveling to get away from the darkness, I was leaping over fences with a sick dog and then a man said he was going to puke if I got my dog near him.
We jumped over his fence anyways.
He puked all over the place, and then told me to save everyone.

Then a strange man went past a group of us running away from the darkness saying "Ellen" as he went. Then there was a flashback to how this guy is actually a robot and Ellen was a girl from one of my companions childhood that said robot had abducted, so my friend went running after him..... then the dog next door started howling and woke me up =(

I wish the dog would shut up already, because I really want to see how this thing ends.

P.S. Oktoberfest = totally awesome

doctor- mulanreflection
This is my 5th year here in Richmond and I had never seen such a huge blackout, the streets, buildings, even the parking garages were just dead. People were crowding the streets because they all classes were canceled. Ambulances and cops were racing everywhere, because people around her apparently do not understand that out lights mean a four way stop.
So, after cautiously driving through campus, parking in an oddly dim parking lot and seeing people stuck in the deck elevator (they have a glass wall on one side), I headed across the street and saw the commons were even dark.... maybe my test would be canceled? Nope. 2 buildings somehow managed to keep power, one of them being where my test was being held. Damn.

But either way, it was very odd to walk around a dark campus, this didn't even happen when the whole campus flooded 4 years go, so I'm really interested in finding out what caused it.

P.S. I've been sleeping a lot more lately and feeling nausea in the mornings, it's starting to get quite annoying.

In a world, where movie previews sounded fucking cool...
goodnight sweet prince
Well, sadly that won't be happening anymore, Don LaFontaine aka the voice over on nearly every movie preview the last 4 decades, died Monday.
I honestly don't think movies will be quite the same now without his historic baritone. His voice had the power to not only captivate a whole audience, but also somehow make any movie seem watchable.

RIP Dan LaFontaine

This article has a lot of really good samples of his work, in case you still aren't certain who he is.

To the "anonymous" commenter:
doctor- mulanreflection
I actually did try to e-mail your old address since you claimed that none of your info changed, but it said that that doesn't exist anymore, and I am not entirely sure that I remember your number correctly... cause, ya know, it's been six years and all, and I don't want to phone some poor random person.

Anyways, just let me know how you want to do this now... I have already given you my e-mail address/SN/phone number in a previous post, so I suppose the ball is now in your court.

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stewart - sex
I don't feel like writing a huge entry about what happened the past few days, so here goes a quick synopsis.

Thursday: Meredith and I went bowling, and after 2hrs of scores getting progressively lower and our humor getting more childish, Mark showed up. Then he kicked our asses and we all went home. I forgot he used to work at a bowling alley

Friday: ate at an amazing Indian restaurant called Supper of India over at Worldgate. I highly recommend it to anyone, it was just so good. Then we saw Tropic Thunder, which was absolutely fabulous and has been the topic of quite a few conversations since then, also, I have a new found crush on Robert Downey Jr and was surprised at Tom Cruise actually being good. Muthafucka can dance!
After watching tv with my folks for a bit, Mark and I headed over to Jenn's "MDF2" party, where Mark and I worked out all the issues we were having (yay!) and proved that Mark wasn't drunk yet, through science, of course. There are some utterly fantastic pics from that night, including one where Mark apparently flipped over and put his hand in my crotch, so it looks quite a bit like we're doing dirty things in our sleep. It made me giggle.
Oh yea, I also learned that you shouldn't eat limes that have been sitting on the table all day, no matter how yummy them may appear

Saturday: all of us went to IHOP, where I stole Jenn's ice cream and got her addicted to Cooking Mama again.
After Mark and I dropped off everyone else, we decided to head home... after a trip to the pool. Mark was very impressed with the community center and finally agreed that my job seems pretty kickass, bout damn time!
That night Dom and Matt convinced me to go to their party, but they forgot to mention that Jimmy was there, and drunk, so I got to have him yell at me and do that pathetic angry face of his while he trashed talked me and my friends.

Sunday: Tera aka the girl Jimmy was mostly talking shit about, invited me to the MAYHEM festival to thank me for helping her. We ran into some of his "friends" there, and they made me promise to not tell him they were there, cause they're all avoiding that jackass too. The absolute show stealer was Disturbbed, dear god not only did they sound amazing and have a great interaction with the audience, but they also brought up a little girl from the audience and told her to cover her ears whenever the bad words come. It was cute.
Slipknot was eh, except I gotta give them props since one of them had 2 broken feet and the other a horribly sprained ankle, so at the end of the show one had to get into a wheelchair and the other had to be carried off by his band mates. Got to respect people that put their work first like that. This was also Tera's first rock concert, so she was dressed all preppy, and had no idea what a mosh pit, crowd surfing or even devil horns were, so I spent most of my day teaching her and trying to coax her into trying to mosh.

Monday: went to MD, had lots of fun with the guys and played lots of Cooking Mama

Tuesday: Prdel's stitches got really infected so we took her to the vet, where they said they were gonna have to put her under and operate. My mom broke down a bit, I think it was just too close to JJ for this to happen to another pet...

Wow, this was still really long even though I skipped over a lot of stuff...

P.S. It was really odd being at the Nissan Pavilion again, I hadn't been there since the whole Ozzfest incident back in HS

Holy Crap!
feeling lonely
One week till I go back to Richmond for classes. Somehow it feels like my summer has both barely begun and dragged on at the same time.

P.S. I stopped by the teen center to pick up my movies and all the kids faces literally just lit up and they screamed "Jen's back!" It was incredibly sweet and I already miss having to put up with them everyday, except Andrianna clinging to me nonstop.

Random Little Secret
doctor- mulanreflection
It still brings a smile to my face whenever I listen to one of the cd's my old HS bf gave me.

Also, I sometimes wonder what he's up to nowadays


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