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So, it's been a week since I graduated and since then life has been both relaxing and very busy. Graduation was really nice, they didn't put us in alphabetical order for my school group, so I got to sit with a bunch of my friends and joke around during the ceremony. Tom and Sherri sat right behind us cracking jokes too, so it was pretty hard to keep a straight face, especially with my family in the stands making faces and whistling. Part of me still really wishes that you would have come out for graduation, it would have been nice to see you in the stands too, but you didn't even like the idea when we were together... so oh well.

Now that I'm not overwhelmed with projects and finals to do and am officially done with school, every day has been filled with hanging out with people, volunteering and lots of good sleep. It's been wonderful to just spend every moment with friends and catching up with people all over the state.
This weekend is also being spent seeing my cousin, Joshua, who just got back from Iraq. He's fantastic and it feels so amazing to have him back here again, even if it is just for a few weeks before the Marines shove him back over there again. Tonight we should be heading out to some parties around town and then tomorrow it would appear the plan is snowboarding all day, just because we know he won't be getting that opportunity out in the desert.

P.S. Sorry, I haven't read any entries in over a month now, been really busy with school and figured that LJ would just be one more distraction from working. I may go back and read them at some point, but it's not likely.

P.P.S. I'm in the Herndon area for the holiday's, so if you wish to hang out, call me at 571-225-6103 or IM me at woainikitty
Chances are, if you know about this LJ, then I want to see you. So no matter who you are, if you're within 200miles from me, hit me up and I will clear some time for you <3


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